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Phase 3 – First Fitting

Ellissa Designs is custom: Custom is you! The first fitting is a Muslin fabric form gown that will ensure proper fit to your figure and person. Attention to detail enhances your shape. Small changes are done to capture your inner person and beauty. A continued discussion on flowers, jewelry, and additional changes is noted, so that every element receives proper consideration. Your Wedding Day is on the horizon of love, and so is your bridal gown.

Ellissa Designs Hint: Keep a private calendar of your special thoughts about your husband-to-be and the love you share. Songs, special moments, and personal messages will bring flowers and fragrance to you during this time of planning.

Summary: Muslin fitting; Design alterations; Additional costs & fitting for major changes


I hear my Love singing. I ponder, I anticipate.

·The Bridegroom.