Return to Your Gown

Phase 5 – Final Fitting

Almost there, almost Perfect! Although this is a last and final fitting, you have dreamt of your gown and you are ready to wear your dream. Let the camera record this moment. Let it be hidden away in your memory until the day you take your husband’s hand and say, “I do.”

Ellissa Designs Hint: Create a Teaser: Enlarge the photograph of your gown, white-out yourself and the special detail, mount it on poster board, and make it into a puzzle; add the words “Can’t Wait!” At a whimsical time, present your fiance with the puzzle and “Want a sneak preview of my wedding gown?” If you have a friend who does Photoshop, make it really funny!

Summary: Final fitting; Photos; Pick up gown; Balance due; 4 month advance notice needed for bridal gowns


You take away my breath. Take away my love.

·The Bridegroom.